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  1. What is your book about?
  2. How do I order your book?
  3. When will your book be available?
  4. Where can I find answers to my questions?
  5. Who/what is God?
  6. What is Automatic / Inspirational Writing?
  7. Can other people have this experience too?
  8. How do we know that this is actually authentic writing inspired from God?



What is your book about?

Our first book is about our personal experience that we shared together when we were both simultaneously called by God.  There is chronological information regarding what events took place when this calling initially happened and what our spiritual journey has meant to us, and for those around us.  This first book contains the most important information received from the initial writing and spans over a five-year period. 

Within the text of our book, there are hundreds of interesting questions and answers written by the means of divine intervention; inspirational writing. These questions and answers include information regarding many prominent and recognizable figures mentioned in the Bible, some mysteries revealed, as well as the future outlook for our world today.  The information in this first book, and in all the books to follow, contain overwhelming and miraculous information that has been made aware to us, so that we may spread the Word to all who will listen.  

This information was received, as we stated before, by way of  inspirational writing.  We were "called" by God to do this work for Him.  As you will see in our book, our spiritual journey started as if we were in Kindergarten, and by the end of our first book, you will notice how we grew in our awareness level as our spiritual growth escalated.  

We hope that when you read this, and our subsequent books, you to will be able to be as enlightened as we were when this information was initially made aware to us.  We also pray that you may find a greater peace, solace and understanding within your own spiritual journey. 

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How do I order your book?

You can order the book directly from the publisher: Xulon Press.  

You can also call: 1-866-909-BOOK(2665) to place a telephone order.

The book is now available to purchase at the following online resources:


                        Barnes&Noble    Borders    Wal-Mart    Target

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When will your book be available?

The book is now available to the public!

The book is now available to purchase at the following online resources:

                        Barnes&Noble    Borders    Wal-Mart    Target



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Where can I find answers to my questions ?

Once our book is published and available, you will be able to find some of your answers on this site by using the search engine found on our main web page. You would simply enter a keyword pertaining to the information you are seeking.  If we then have information posted that concerns your search, you will see all the relevant hits listed for you after the page refreshes.

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Who/what is God ?

God is all encompassing.  Omnipotent.  The purest form of Energy in the Universe, and in all the universes within the cosmos.

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What is Automatic/Inspirational Writing?

automatic writing - n.
Writing performed without conscious thought or deliberation, typically by means of spontaneous free association or as a medium for spirits or psychic forces.
Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

See Also: Divine Inspiration

               Automatic Writing

               The Guiding Hand


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Can other people have this experience too?

Sure, it has happened to other people, in many times, and in many places.  You must understand that some people use automatic writing as a game, much like the Ouija board.  Whenever anything is misused, no good can come of it.  Do not take this form of communication lightly!

Inspirational writing is what we have experienced by way of the method more commonly known as automatic writing.  You can, as others have suggested, "try" this yourselves, but understand that any attempt should be considered serious and you must be sincere that you wish it only to be of good, therefore of God. 

The experience that happened to us came to us without our request.  It just happened to us, as you will understand better when reading our book.  

We pray that if you do decide to "try this at home", fully realize that it can be a positive or negative experience.  This is only up to you and how you use it.

Below is a small sampling of information about others who have had similar experiences.  Remember though,  because we have listed them does not mean that we guarantee that all of these experiences are legitimate. We can only validate and know to be true, our own personal experiences.  We are merely listing other sites that you may find of interest, for those of you who wish to read others' experiences:  , ,


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How do we know the messages you are receiving are actually coming from God?

The information that we have received over the past 13 years has been inspired directly from God.  One way to know that it is in fact God, is to determine exactly how it makes you feel when you read it.  Does it FEEL right?  Does it make you feel at peace and do you feel the love and warmth within the messages?  Most people will know this information is true by how it makes them feel within their inner heart and soul. The Love of God and the truth of the Word is most felt in your heart.  God is Love and God is feeling. When you know a truth to be so certain, you can feel it to be so, to the innermost core of your being.  You will know this feeling when it happens to you. This is an affirmation from God to tell you that you are correct in your knowledge of the Word and that He loves you.

The most important way to provide evidence that the information is God's Word is that the information we receive NEVER strays from God's Word as it has been written.  What we mean is simple:  God's Word was always here, even before the Bible as we know it was written.  It has always been and will always be.  It is always the same. The Word NEVER changes.  

The ways or means in which the Word may be handed out or relayed may be different, but the message will ALWAYS be the same.  This is truly how you know that it is the Word of God.  When you read our book(s), do your own research as well as read the information we have provided from our own research.  Never in any of our books will you find that God "changes His mind" or says something other than what can be validated using Holy Scriptures as research.

Any information that we have and do receive from God through this medium of communication can be researched using a Bible or other Biblical resource materials.  Upon researching, one will find a common message; the message we have received through our inspirational writing, and the message you will uncover through your own research, will be one and the same.  

We have had revealed to us, which we then reveal to you the reader, some prophecies regarding the future of our existence here on Earth.  We have also been given answers to some questions that have, in the past, been considered "mysteries of the Bible." When God reveals these mysteries to us, He also wants us to perform our own research to find more answers about the subject. When we research, the Word becomes even more intriguing and the pieces to the puzzle start fitting together!  But remember that God, as always, will only tell you as much or as little as He wants you to know.  There is much information that has, and will always remain, unsaid.  There of course, is a reason for this.  This information or understanding God saves for us, for the day when we will meet him in Heaven.  

Remember, be weary of information you have read that some claim comes from God.  If the information is questionable and deviates from the Word of God that you know to be in the Bible, this is a serious cause for concern. God warns us in the Bible to be careful of charlatans who cla im to be prophesizing the Word of God.  There has to be some form of validation or accreditation available to back-up what this person or people are trying to say is God's Word.


"Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost." 2 Peter 1:20-21

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